Thursday, January 20, 2011

Activity 3 1-20-11 Gas Excitation Spectra

Make observation of excited state gases.

Activity 2 1-20-11 Antacids

Write the formula for Tums? How does Tums chemically react with water and stomach acid?

How many Tums are needed to neutralize a can of coke?

Activity 1 1-20-11 Experimental Design and Conclusions

Reflect on the expansion of water and salt water experiments you and your classmates performed. What are some of the interesting results and struggles with this experiment.

Relate your thoughts on this experiment to the scientific question "Is the earth warming?"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Homework 2 1-19-11 Stuff around us? and last homework

For your last homework assignment, choose 20 items around you in your world and list their ingredients or materials down to the molecular level. List the chemical names of the ingredients and show a molecular structure image.

Homework 1 1-19-11

Use the pH paper to develop a table and graph of the pH of common things around your home. Think in terms of at least 10 different liquids.

Develop an experiment to see how much antacid is needed to neutralize an acidic liquid.

Activity 5 1-19-11 pH

Describe pH, present a table of pH ranges for some common things.

If something is pH 3 and something else is pH 4, which is more acidic and by how much?

Activity 4 1-19-11 Dissolving

Show an image or animation or description of what is happening when water dissolves NaCl.

Why is the freezing point lowered when salt is added to water?